Halt the Harm Network

Connect with people, resources, and tools to protect your community from the harms of oil & gas.

There's strength in numbers

The effects of oil and gas are all around us. And it's easy to feel alone in the fight. That's why we created the Halt the Harm Network: to help you build connections with like-minded people who are committed to making a change.  

Chances are you found this page while looking for information on how to fight the oil and gas industry in your area. 

The thing is: information alone won't change anything. We need to build connections. We need to organize. We need to network.

When you join Halt the Harm Network, you'll get information. But you'll also get access to groups, events, resources, and tools to help you fight the oil and gas industry. 

This community is private to members. Anyone impacted or involved in efforts to halt the harms of the oil & gas industry is welcome to join. As a network member you can see events, updates, and participate in network-wide discussions.

So are you with us?

Join today and start connecting with your fellow fighters.

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